About The Studio

SCOTTISH BORDERS ART GLASS is situated in the rolling hills of southern Scotland, on the outskirts of the border town of Hawick. It is here you find the ancient skills of glassmaking being practiced by Peter and Andrew Holmes, father and son.

image Peter has been making glass by hand for forty six years. He served his apprenticeship under the legendary Paul Ysart who was largely responsible for the production of Monart glass produced in Perthshire from 1928-1960. Paul is also famous for making beautiful paperweights depicting flowers, butterflies,dragonflies, salamanders, and millifiori canes. Peter who makes art glass as well as paperweghts still uses some of the techniques handed down from the old master, and after years of experimenting with different materials that lend themselves to hot glassmaking is able to create new techniques and concepts that are used in glass designs today. Peter, the grandfather of the modern abstract paperweight uses themes from outer space, under the sea, nature, and mythology, as well as making paperweights in traditional styles.


Andrew has grown up with glass, he made his first paperweight when he was twelve. After schooling he attended a course in art and design at Hawick and Edinburgh, before settling down to an apprenticeship with his father. He has now completed his apprenticeship and has several designs to his credit and is currently using his own signature cane AH for Andrew Holmes which is used to sign his work just as history has seen, PH in the work of Peter Holmes , and PY in the work of Paul Ysart. Andrew who is the next generation of art glass makers will carry on the age old traditions passed on to him, and introduce his own ideas and techniques for all to see in the future.

It is the intention of Peter and Andrew to produce only the finest quality of work that they can, so when you purchase a piece of their art glass you are buying something quite unique, because no two pieces can be made exactly the same as the one before. This will make them that little bit more special. You will also have in your possession a little bit history, an heirloom for the future.